Please sign up + reserve your spot today! Contact the studio with Questions.


Buti Yoga Awareness Reload w/ Jenna Smith-Panko

Friday April 20th | 6-7pm | 10$ entry ~ All levels!

You got the skills to pinpoint muscle isolation and activation of the core in Awareness, now let’s take it to the next level – the lower body and glutes! The key to growing muscle is learning how to activate and fire all the muscles, not just the superficial ones, and without a bulk and shred period which can damage your metabolism and hormones. Let’s get connected, get deep into our body awareness, and grow some glutes!

Kundalini Fundamentals Workshop

Saturday April 21st, 2-4:30pm 
$25 If you Register In Advance, or $30 at the door.
Join Leah Fae in a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga; The Yoga of Awareness.
Suitable for all levels of physical ability. We’ll learn about the history of Kundalini Yoga, the purpose of each element in class and you’ll get tips for best practice; How to properly use body locks (bandhas); breathing techniques; mantra basics and ways to deepen concentration and relaxation. 
There can be a lot going on in a Kundalini Yoga class; whether your just starting out or have been practicing for a while this workshop will help you get most out of your practice.

AcroYoga Workshop w/ Kent + Shanyn

Sunday April 22nd | 1-3pm | $50 Couple + $30 Single

This FUN 2 hour AcroYoga workshop is designed to explain and practice the basic elements of AcroYoga. Participants will be guided through proper alignment, safety and communication with their partners. The class will begin with a yoga warm up consisting of the basic yoga poses you’ll be using in your practice. Each partner pose will then be demonstrated by Shanyn and Kent broken down step by step. Each pair will work with a spotter to ensure safety for all. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in group poses and pictures if requested. The workshop will conclude with partner stretching.   No previous experience or partners are required for this workshop.

Heart Play: Aerial Yoga + Art Workshop

Friday April 27th | 6-7:30pm | $40

w/ Rebecca Feuerstein + Melanie Lourenco

Join us for a very special afternoon of heart centered movement and creativity.

We begin with 45 minutes of all-level friendly, gentle movement in the aerial hammocks to open the spine and connect with our heart center, led by Melanie. Followed by guided art making and intention setting in the creative studio with Rebecca.

This workshop is playful + beginner friendly.

Limited to 7 spaces. Please register in advance to hold your spot.

Full Moon Kirtan

Leah Fae & Richard Bryant 
Saturday April 28th  |  7:30-9:00pm | $20
Kirtan is a musical meditation, a form of Bhakti yoga – often referred to as the yoga of devotion. The root of Bhakti is bhaj- to share or to love.  With the repetition of the words, one is able to lose themselves in the rhythm and the melody, allowing a new vibration to wash through the psyche. It’s a beautiful thing to let go of self-consciousness of singing with people – some of whom you may have never met – and allow your voice to blend with the group. The ancient chants contain powerful renewing & transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the Divinity that resides within all of us.


Body Ascension Breath Workshop

Saturday May 5th | 10-12pm
Limited space in this class – 10 spots available!

Register directly in the link below!

Uncover your hidden potential, release what is no longer serving you and make room for your highest self as we dive deep into a guided therapeutic practice that uses the #1 self-healing tool, BREATH! Breathwork is the key to relaxation, where transformation begins. Many relaxation techniques such as Yoga, Meditation and Hypnosis all revolve around the breath.

Body Ascension Breath infuses the body with PRANA [life force], CHARGES our spinal fluid and sends ENERGY through 72,000+ pathways. The flush of energy bathes our cells, strengthens our nervous system and brings our AWARENESS deep into the body. Cycling awareness empowers us to edit cellular memory and choose conscious projections. All of this heightens our sensory and intuitive perceptions while tuning our frequency to true self.

Lying comfortably, you will be guided through specific breathing patterns that amplify and strengthen your body’s ability to relax and heal itself like never before. This practice uses Sound Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and gentle movements all to enhance your experience. To end the session, you will enjoy a beautiful crystal bowl sound bath to ground you back into your body.

Dress cozy and please bring along water, a blanket and pillow.

For more information, you can contact Jake Butchart at or by email at

Investment in self: $80

Jake Butchart

Jake Butchart is a Certified Body Ascension Breath facilitator. His love and passion for breathwork started in February 2017 when he attended his first breathing workshop. Experiencing the incredible power and healing abilities that conscious breathing brings, he was instantly hooked and knew this was his calling. After spending the rest of the year building and re-building his personal practice with breath, he was called to jump on the first plane he could find headed to Grande Prairie, Alberta where he was taught and certified by the founder of the Body Ascension Lens, Ms. Angela Ditch.

Jake gives thanks to Conscious Breathing for literally turning his life around. He has experienced first hand the benefits of breathing to reduce anger, stress, anxiety as well as an eating disorder. It is his intention to share his knowledge and bring ease and clarity to his friends, family and students.


Chakra Alchemy Kundalini Yoga w/ Leah Fae

This is a special series during the normal Thursday night Kundalini Class from 5:30-6:45pm weekly
Running from Thursday May 10th-June 28th | Use your yoga memberships or drop-in
The Chakras are located within the cerebrospinal system and are points of interaction between body and spirit. This energy is electrochemical and operates as Prana, which moves through the body along the nadi channels.
Through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Emotional Awareness, and Meditation we will learn to tune into our energy centers, listen to our bodies and bring awareness to the relationship between our physical and energetic selves.
Each week we will focus on a different chakra concluding with the 8th chakra, the Aura.
Join us for all 8 classes or drop in as your availability permits.
May 10th – Root Chakra: Expand from Stability and Safety
May 17 – Sacral Chakra: Awaken Creative Flow
May 24 – Navel Chakra: Step into Personal Power
May 31 –  Heart Chakra: Open to Self Love
June 7 – Throat Chakra: Express Your Truth and Purpose
June 14 – 3rd Eye Chakra: Deepen Intuition
June 21 – Crown Chakra: Connect to Spirit
June 28 – Aura Chakra: Manifest Abundance and Flow

Inferno Hot Pilates Pop-up Class w/ Jane Wood

Friday May 25th | 6:30-7:30pm | Use your membership or do a drop-in class

Register directly in the link below!

Using Pilates principles, Inferno Hot Pilates is a challenging, full body, low impact, high intensity workout. It is performed with energetic music on a yoga mat in a room heated to 95 degrees and 40% humidity. Hot Pilates is designed for all fitness levels and is an amazing workout that strengthens muscles and burns fat without the pounding of a high impact workout. These classes are super popular in Bikram Yoga Studios all around the world – and usually so packed you have to reserve your spot! Sign-up early! 

Reiki Level TWO Training w/ Nadia Griffin

In Reiki Level II you will be introduced & attuned to your first three symbols, including:

– how to use these symbols to intensify your energy flow
– how to protect yourself
– how to facilitate mental and emotional healing

Reiki symbols attune you to very specific Reiki energy frequency that will be used in absented and distance healing. You will also learn scanning and beaming techniques. The second degree attunement transforms us by raising the vibration in our four body system: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual. This generates a quantum leap in intuitive awareness, creating a clear and conscious connection with the higher self, while evolving our being to a higher more receptive level of energy channelling. Reiki Level 2 “turns on” your ability to use the sacred Reiki symbols, and strengthens your connection to self, universe, and client.

Course includes your Reiki Level II notes, attunement & certificate of completion.

Visit the facebook event page: for full details + to contact with questions!

Cost: $250 (Pre-pay to reserve your spot)
Time: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Location: Circle Studios (12 Ferguson Ave. N Hamilton)
Reiki Master: Nadia Griffin from Energy Star Healing (

To register & prepay, you may send an etransfer to Nadia @ An email confirmation will be sent after.

Paypal payments can be made through

If paying Cash please contact Nadia to make arrangements. Thank you.

Kirtan w/ Leah Fae & Richard Bryant
Sat May 26th | 7:30-9:00pm | $20

Join Leah Fae on Harmonium and Richard Bryant on Guitar for a musical meditation. Kirtan, a form of Bhakti yoga – often referred to as the yoga of devotion. The root of Bhakti is bhaj- to share or to love. With the repetition of the words, one is able to lose themselves in the rhythm and the melody, allowing a new vibration to wash through the psyche. It’s a beautiful thing to let go of self-consciousness of singing with people – some of whom you may have never met – and allow your voice to blend with the group. The ancient chants contain powerful renewing & transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the Divinity that resides within all of us.

Sacred Vibrations Gong Bath & Meditation Workshop  w/ Hannah Mannetje

Sunday May 27th | 12-2pm | Price: $30 

The gong is an ancient tool for transformation known for it’s profound healing abilities. The vibration of the gong effortlessly calms the nervous system and releases stress stored in the body. Many people have deep spiritual experiences during a gong bath while others come to simply relax and let go, join us and experience it for yourself!

Trauma Sensitive 6 Week Yoga Series

Sundays from 4:30-5:30pm | $97 for all 6 weeks.
Dates: May 27th, June 3rd, June 10th, June 24th, July 8th + July 15th

Register directly in the link below!

Do you know that in Canada, nearly 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Do you know that depression is a common problem following exposure to trauma?

Do you know that yoga can help the healing process?

Experience yoga specially designed for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and physical/emotional trauma! This type of yoga is also valuable for people in high-stress careers such as first-responders, compassionate caregivers, and medical professionals who often witness traumatic events on the job.

By using slower movements, transformational language, and encouraging you to explore movement and breath, this practice aims to soothe both your mind and body. Throughout the series, you’ll also get to experience yoga nidra. Nidra is a type of meditation that helps you connect with your physical body and develop an internal sense of safety.

Join Empowerment Coach, Wellness Expert & Certified Trauma-sensitive Yoga Instructor, Stephenie Farrell for this unique experience. Stephenie helps people overcome their wounds, release the pain of their past, and step into a new way of living. If you are questioning whether this series is right for you, contact Stephenie at or call 416-523-7973.

Stephenie Farrell

Hi, I’m Stephenie Farrell, I provide an empathic space for people to heal their limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, and traumas, so they are free to become their personal and professional best. When you work with me, I take a very holistic approach because I am working with a human being and human beings have emotions, behaviors, a mind, spirit, and energy system. Research has shown that working on the energetic level, allows for more in-depth, faster and lasting results. I am specially trained to facilitate change at even the most fundamental energetic level.
Founder of Creating Wealth & Prosperity, Stephenie has earned over 30 certificates in mind-body healing techniques. She hosts Clarity. Power. Results. on EFT Radio online and you can subscribe to her podcast on iTunes ( Google Play, Youtube, and Stitcher. Stephenie has earned not only an Honours Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine she has also been certified as a trauma-specific yoga teacher, Emotional Success Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner.

“Inspiration, Empowerment, and Support for people striving to become their personal and professional best.”


4 Week Prenatal Yoga June

Join pre-natal specialist, Erin Bontius, for this 4 week series where we will be utilizing postures, breathing, and meditation to help ease and enjoy the ever changing world of pregnancy. The classes will create strength, focus, flexibility and awareness through a gentle practice designed especially for the pregnant woman’s needs, and will provide benefits that last into labour, and continue on through your first months as a new mother.

What to bring: A yoga mat + water bottle.

Sundays from 11-12pm

 June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

Cost: $75 for 4 weeks | Pre-registration required

Instructor: Erin Bontius

At an early age, Erin made two very important discoveries that have shaped the rest of her life. The first of which, is that one has to become accountable for their own wellness journey, and take steps everyday to promote a healthy lifestyle. This revelation lead Erin to begin, her now two-decade-long yoga practice, as well as her foundation in nutrition, through which, she has now gained personal experience of the powerful transformations that happen in one’s life, when they embrace these changes. The second realization is that each of us, every day, is capable of profoundly affecting one another, and she has committed her life to doing just this, with positivity and light, by sharing her experiences and vast knowledge base.
Today, Erin has cultivated a fierce passion for health and wellness and an unwavering commitment to honouring each individual’s place in her life & practice. Being part of the industry since 2007, she now has numerous degrees & modalities behind her, from holistic nutrition and HypnoBirthing, to yoga, Thai massage and meditation.  Erin’s personal philosophy is that there are so many paths to wellness, that the key, is finding the right one for you. Each body expresses itself differently, whether it’s during an asana or softening under massage, and there’s something truly beautiful in that uniqueness.

This being said, Erin’s true passion now lies in prenatal wellness, and she is specialized as such, in all of her various modalities. Being able to share in that creative process within a person’s life is so magical, that she counts it as a blessing to be welcomed in.

Kids Aerial Yoga Classes for Age 6-12

We’re offering these classes now EVERY Saturday, so plan to get on your mat! Kids yoga classes are offered at the same time as the adult Bikram Yoga Classes! Child drop-off starts 15 minutes before and continues 15 minutes after class to give you time to get yourself ready. This allows you to do yoga while your children do yoga at the same time in their own separate class.

This class is EVERY saturday from 10-11:30am. Kids will do 1 hour of Aerial Yoga and 30 minutes of art making/crafts. $20 per child + tax.

You must register for this class in advance online. No drop-ins.
Only 7 hammocks + space for 7 kids.

A fun fusion of yoga postures done in circus silks, called yoga hammocks. The beautiful silks hang low to the ground in a hammock style so there is easy access to the floor. The fabric acts as a safe prop to assist the body in opening and relaxing while your weight is completely supported by the fabric in a zero-gravity situation. The fabric can be opened wide to lie inside or bunched together to sit, stand or support in stretching. Classes vary from active to more relaxed. There are numerous zero-gravity benefits including decompression, improved circulation, skeletal and nervous system health as well as joint mobility. Plus kids LOVE playing in the silks!


SATURDAYS 10-11:30am

Please register online or call the studio: 905.522.9644

Kids Creativity + Movement Summer Camps!

We’re excited to announce registration is OPEN FOR EARLY BIRD SAVINGS!


One week kids summer camp for Ages 5-10 | 9-4pm Daily
Date: July 9-13th | 5 days | Cost $199 early bird until May 1st and $225 after that
Date: Aug 7-10th | 4 days | Cost $165 early bird until May 1st and $190 after that

Space is limited to small group 10 Maximum, for intimate attention with each child!

9am-12 Movement with Becca Winship

12-1pm Lunch

1-4pm Creativity with Rebecca Feuerstein

We offer before and after work care for $10 per child. 8am drop-off and 5pm pick-up. Please contact the studio to arrange.

COST: per child for the week
CALL: 905.522.YOGI

We offer before and after work care for $10 per child. 8am drop-off and 5pm pick-up. Please contact the studio to arrange. We have a minimum registration of 6 children to run the day camp.

Seasonally appropriate yoga, mindfulness and self-care.
For Young Women ages 12-16 with Heather Elson

Young women will experience relaxation and begin to cultivate self-awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and intention setting.  They will also learn self-care techniques and tools to take with them on their journey into womanhood,.

Each retreat corresponds with the season, and will address complementary food choices, yoga practices, and self-care rituals.


Instructor: Heather Elson

Heather’s yoga journey began in 2002 seeking balance in a busy life! By 2005 she completed her Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training with Maalaa of Gabriola Island’s ‘The Yoga Tree’. In 2006 she completed her 200+ YTT with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni at Downward Dog in Toronto. Since then she’s gone on to complete further specializations in Restorative, Street Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Mindfulness (with Mindfulness Without Borders), and most recently, Yoga Nidra. Last year she also offered a 30 hour Kids’ YTT, and looks forward to training more ambassadors of healthy, happy children!

Teaching children yoga allows Heather to combine her multiple passions! Teaching, writing, singing, and encouraging small humans to be as big as their beautiful, shining hearts!

Kids of all ages can look forward to learning about their breath and their bodies, as well as cultivate social emotional awareness through songs, stories, games and fun!


July 5th: 10-4
Individual Retreats $85 each