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Emotional Intelligence: A 9-week in-depth Kundalini mini-series with Leah Fae

Wednesday March 6 – May 2nd | From 7:45-9pm | Pre – Reg only
$135 early bird or $150 after March 1st ~ Spaces are Limited
Emotional intelligence is our means of understanding the complex web of emotions we all navigate moment by moment. We can transform trauma and it’s associated emotions into healing.
Each week we’ll focus on one collective emotion. Using body awareness, Kundalini yoga, breathing techniques, visualization and reflective journaling, we will learn to bring a new emotional understanding into our lives. This is where the Ego hits the road – from the small decisions and reactions that form our lives to the larger collective decisions that remain unconscious and unfettered. We can have a say in how it plays out. That’s Emotional Intelligence.

Spring Equinox Kirtan with Leah Fae & Richard Bryant

Saturday March 17th | From 7:30-9:00pm | $20

On the day of spring equinox, daytime and nighttime are approximately equal duration all over the planet! Join Leah Fae on Harmonium and Richard Bryant on Guitar to celebrate spring. Kirtan is the musical meditation. It is a form of Bhakti yoga – often referred to as the yoga of devotion. The root of Bhakti is bhaj- to share or to love. With the repetition of the words, one is able to lose themselves in the rhythm and the melody. It’s a beautiful thing to let go of the self-consciousness of singing with people – some of whom you may have never met – and allow your voice to blend with the group.The ancient chants contain powerful renewing & transformative energy that helps us reconnect with the Divinity that resides within all of us.


Yin Yang Aerial, An In-depth Class

From 2-3:30pm | $40
Come and explore the aerial hammocks in a longer, deeper, workshop style class. We will play with inversions and an aerial flow to get the heart pumping and then switch gears into a juicy, long relaxation + savasana. Great especially if you always crave that longer chill-out time in the hammocks! ~Spaces Limited to 7, Register Early to hold your spot.

Instructor: Jenna Smith-Panko

Jenna is Southern Ontario’s first active Buti Yoga instructor, leading a tribe of over 300 students all over Hamilton. As a practitioner of vinyasa yoga for nine years, she has been teaching Buti for almost three years. She has had success healing a severe injury and putting two auto immune diseases into remission with the practice of Buti and she is working hard to share this life changing practice with as many people as possible.

AWARENESS – Buti Yoga Workshopw/ Jenna Smith-Panko
Friday March 23rd | 6-7pm | $10

It’s time to take your Buti or Yoga practice to the next level. Get familiar with all the internal and superficial muscle structures of the core and back, what they do for you, and how they move. Learn how to pinpoint muscle isolation on the deepest level to activate the mind to muscle connection isometrically and isotonically. With your newfound understanding of your body’s mechanics, you can seriously tap into your strength, flexibility, and energy output to maximize your results within your yoga practice.

All levels!

Reiki + Yin Yoga Workshop with Erin Bontius and Tony Wolfe

Sunday March 25th | 12-1:30pm | $45

Yin Yoga is a quieter and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy one It works deeply into our body, targeting the innermost layers of tissues. It also encourages us to find stillness which is an even more challenging feat for many. Reiki is a Japanese form of body work that is known for its balancing, stress reducing and tendency to instill a deep level of relaxation. It does this by channeling the universal energy found all around us, in order to help both the physical and subtle bodies recharge, let go, and heal. In this workshop, we will be combining both of these profound practices in order to offer one wellness powerhouse for the mind, body and spirit.

In order to give everyone the time and energy they deserve, spaces are limited, so reserve your spot soon!

Two week Activity + Creativity Series on Thursdays

For Preschool Kids + Caregivers | 10-11:15am


February 8th + 15th

March 1st + 8th

April 12th + 19th

Cost $49 + $25 for any additional children from the same family.

Activity + Creativity mornings are a great way to get out for some fun with the kids!

Come for 30 minutes of Art making in the Art studio from 10-10:30 and afterwards enjoy a parent + tot yoga class from 10:45-11:15! Wellness for the whole family.

Register today! Small Groups, Space is Limited


Kids Yoga Classes for Age 6-12

We’re offering these once a month on Saturdays, plan to get on your mat! Kids yoga classes are offered at the same time as the adult Bikram Yoga Classes! Child drop-off starts 15 minutes before and continues 15 minutes after class to give you time to get yourself ready. This allows you to do yoga while your children do yoga at the same time in their own separate class.


SATURDAYS 10-11:30am

***Special Family Day Class: Monday Februray 19th- 12-1pm***

March- Sat 24th: 10-11:30am

April- Sat 21st: 10-11:30am

May- Sat 12th: 10-11:30am

June- Sat 16th: 10-11:30am

$15 or $10 for additional children from the same family. Please register online.

Contact the studio to register 2 children for classes.

Seasonally appropriate yoga, mindfulness and self-care.
For Young Women ages 12-16 with Heather Elson

Young women will experience relaxation and begin to cultivate self-awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and intention setting.  They will also learn self-care techniques and tools to take with them on their journey into womanhood,.

Each retreat corresponds with the season, and will address complementary food choices, yoga practices, and self-care rituals.


Instructor: Heather Elson

Heather’s yoga journey began in 2002 seeking balance in a busy life! By 2005 she completed her Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training with Maalaa of Gabriola Island’s ‘The Yoga Tree’. In 2006 she completed her 200+ YTT with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni at Downward Dog in Toronto. Since then she’s gone on to complete further specializations in Restorative, Street Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Mindfulness (with Mindfulness Without Borders), and most recently, Yoga Nidra. Last year she also offered a 30 hour Kids’ YTT, and looks forward to training more ambassadors of healthy, happy children!

Teaching children yoga allows Heather to combine her multiple passions! Teaching, writing, singing, and encouraging small humans to be as big as their beautiful, shining hearts!

Kids of all ages can look forward to learning about their breath and their bodies, as well as cultivate social emotional awareness through songs, stories, games and fun!


March 13th: 10-4
July 5th: 10-4
Individual Retreats $85 each