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Welcome to the Therapeutic Space at Circle Studios

At Circle Studios we believe in creativity of all kinds. We believe when two people who connect authentically in a counseling or coaching role come together in a session, magic happens.

We encourage making creative expression part of your healing journey and offer a variety of supportive professionals in a confidential environment to create a plan tailored to your needs!


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Allen Tedjo Psychotherapist

Rachel Hammerton


I am passionate about helping individuals face and find the courage and strength to overcome the obstacles in their lives. I have experience working with individuals facing relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and dealing with the long-lasting impacts of childhood abuse. I have a particular interest in helping people through the abuse and traumas in their lives and helping them to find their inner strength and resources to be able to live the life they want to lead.

I strive to maintain a person-centered approach with clients to ensure that they feel heard and their individual needs and goals are being met. Using an integrative approach, I tailor treatment to each client as an individual, building on their strengths to create lasting and meaningful change in their lives. I strive to build a warm, judgment-free space for clients to be their authentic selves. I believe there is great strength in being vulnerable, and I’ll be with you through the whole process!

I look forward to the changes we can make together!



Everyone experiences difficulties in their day-to-day life. Whether you are experiencing loss and grief, anxiety, trauma, or struggling with the impacts of childhood abuse, it helps to talk about it! Psychotherapy provides a safe space to explore emotional hardships, life transitions, relationship difficulties, and the natural (but hard!) difficulties that comes with the ups and downs of life. We are built to be in relationship with others in life. When entering into a therapeutic relationship, you’re able to express your feelings, change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, as well as develop and hone healthy coping skills. Psychotherapy can be useful for everyone!

To book an appointment, or a free 30-minute consultation, please email me at​ or call or text 416-990-1710. Consultations can be done over the phone or in-person and I’d be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Appointment types:

Free 30-minute Psychotherapy Consultation

Cost: $140+hst per session (sliding scale fee options available)

Individual Adult Psychotherapy – 50 minutes

In psychotherapy, you will be able to enter and co-create a safe space for yourself to explore, discuss, and express your inner thoughts, feelings, and hardships. I am here to walk alongside you in this journey of self-exploration and personal growth and development.

Couple’s Adult Psychotherapy – 50 minutes

Whether you are struggling with trust issues, infidelity, co-parenting, or approaching divorce, there is hope! In couple’s psychotherapy, you and your partner will be able to enter and co-create a safe and controlled space to explore differing perspectives, emotions, and perceptions that have caused rifts within the relationship. I am here to walk alongside the both of you as you express your inner feelings, improve communication, and grow in your individual selves and in your relationship.


Rachel is available on Mondays

Contact Info:





Sarah Adjekum


The decision to begin your counselling journey can be a difficult one. I aim to create a safe environment where you can feel supported and heard in your vulnerability. My practice is trauma-informed, meaning it recognizes that trauma isn’t solely a clinical experience, it also reflects complex historical and social realities that are often ongoing. My practice is also anti-oppressive, in that it pays attention to how feelings such as powerlessness, frustration or hopelessness aren’t always in our heads, but can also be valid reactions to power imbalances have done harm. Part of my work is to combine a clinically and socially informed practice that is tailored to you and responsive to your needs.

I completed my BSW in 2014 and my MSW in 2016 at McMaster University where I also work as an educator to social work students. I have worked in the field of human services since 2008, working in acute mental health, crisis work, and sexual violence. I specialize in trauma and sexual violence, as well as a wide range of issues including mental health, identity, and life transitions.



Life is a journey of growth and change. And no matter how daunting the change, or painful the growth, we deserve to be supported on that journey. If you’re struggling to take a step forward, or are unpacking the memories from journeys of the past, counselling provides a safe space for exploration and problem solving. This might include mental health, trauma, major life transitions, and identity exploration. Wherever you are on your journey, we can get to the next step together.

I offer both short term and long term counselling to suit your specific needs. I use narrative based or talk therapy, in conjunction with other approaches, as a means to delve into the personal story, and to build capacity to work through issues independently with time. We will work on regaining control of the self, and our perceptions of the self by delving into life stories and exploring important themes of your life journey.

Feel free to reach me at or by phone at 2899216459 if you have more questions about counselling or would like to book a free consultation.

Appointment types:

Free 15-minute Psychotherapy Consultation

Cost: $150 (no additional HST) per session (sliding scale fee options available)

Individual Adult Psychotherapy – 50 minutes

We will meet one on one to work through current or past issues including, making sense of difficult experiences, or preparation for transitions in life. Sessions will involve assessment and identification of goals, exploring personal histories and current issues, and developing solutions and strategies to create functional patterns and behaviours over time.

Couple’s Adult Psychotherapy – 50 minutes

Together we will work to identify shared and individual goals in the relationship. These sessions are designed to target issues and conflicts that often within romantic, intimate and sexual relationships, as well as improve the relationship dynamic. We’ll use different strategies to address a range of issues including but not limited to improve trust, communication, and maintain your sense of self within the relationship.

Sarah is available on Fridays

Contact Info:

(289) 921-6459

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