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Paint + Sip: Light in Darkness

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Saturday Night December 9th | 7-9:30pm | $40+Tax
w/ Kathryn Tousaw, RP, DTATI

Paint and Sip is not your average paint + sip night! Paint and sip at Circle Studios is a unique blend of creativity and mindfulness to give you a unique intention-based painting experience!
In this workshop we will explore the theme of light in darkness, using Van Gogh’s Starry night as inspiration. How can creativity support us through the darkness of winter? How might we be able to find light, or create our own light in this time? To add to the fun, we’ll paint by candlelight.
There is no artistic experience required. Basic painting techniques will be taught to support you on your journey, but experimentation and play are strongly encouraged! We all have an innate ability to express ourselves creatively, and this event is about enjoying the process & experience of creating from a theme, and not necessarily the end product!
Limited space to 10 people. This event is always popular and sells out quickly, so register today to hold your spot!

Tea + All Materials Provided.

Inner Wisdom: Oracle Card Workshop Series

Facilitated by Lauren Bowering 
2 Parts: Wednesday’s Jan 24th + 31st from 6:30-8:30pm
$99 for both sessions

The intention of this group is to make oracle art as a practice of creative self-care. Art is a way to pause from the busy-ness of life and uncover, reflect, and create intention for the ways we want to show up in our lives. 

This is not a group about learning to read and use oracle cards “correctly.” Instead, participants will develop their own unique deck through making art and making sense. Creating our own oracle decks is a way to engage in authentic contemplative practice and to come together in community to share our experiences.

Creating & using your cards is a powerful way to listen to your inner voice, set intentions, and get guidance on everyday challenges. If you’ve been curious about – or already love – tarot or oracle cards, this workshop is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and create your own.

We will make 10-12 cards over both weeks. There will be space held for group sharing and processing at the end of each session.

Tea + Art Materials Included!

Meet the Creative Team

My name is Lauren and I am an artist, Professional Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) living in Hamilton, Ontario. I use art to help me make sense of the world around me (and within me). I believe that each client is the expert of themselves and holds the answers within themselves, and that my role, along with creative expression, is to help you find those answers. I combine art, psychotherapy and the creative process to assist in discovering and navigating your own journey. I believe that everyone is creative and that your body already holds everything that’s necessary to heal.
I invite creativity to our sessions to allow you to feel more present,  grounded and safe. Using a client-led and strength-based approach, I can help build on your strengths and help develop your sense of confidence and self you’ll feel supported and prepared to navigate your unique journey. My practice is trauma-informed, which often means looking at issues and dysregulation as symptoms of something deeper going on beneath the surface and being curious about how past traumas may have impact on us today. 
I am a formally trained artist who is doing their best to unlearn the formalities of art making and bring play back into my practice. I use my knowledge of art materials, intuitive senses and ongoing curiosity to help support you as you explore and navigate your mental health journey in a creative and compassionate way.
I have a BFA in Fine Art from OCAU University where I majored in drawing & painting and I completed a Master’s-level Diploma from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute where I have had the opportunity to work virtually and in-person with a wide variety of populations.

Kathryn learned about the field of art therapy and art wellness directly through Circle Studios! As a yogi and previous energy exchanger, she loves the energy of the studio and how it connects so organically with creative wellness practices. Kathryn is a long-time crafter, home-made gift maker, and expressive artist. Kathryn is new to claiming the term “artist” for herself and loves to help others to find the artist within themselves as well.

Kathryn believes that art can provide a beautiful avenue to explore what is most important to you to facilitate wellness. The best part is that there is no skill required! If you simply enjoy art (even just looking at it!), art can be helpful in many ways. Kathryn is also passionate about the connection between art making, yoga, and spirituality. She would love to help you find creativity in your own unique wellness journey!


As a self-taught artist, creating art has always been my passion. Since I was a young girl, I have spent countless hours getting lost in creativity and refining my painting and mixed media skills. When I was 18, I made the decision to expand my knowledge in psychology. Knowing the therapeutic value art-making has offered throughout my own life, I went on to study art therapy and psychotherapy at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute in 2020. I now practice full-time as a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Art Therapist. Just as art-making has always done for me, I am now able to assist others in navigating difficult times through art-making and self-expression. 
I started artistwithaponcho in 2018, as an opportunity for me to combine my passion for art & creativity, and spending time with people. Here at Circle Studios, I offer traditional paint parties as monthly workshops and private events for all ages and artistic levels. I look forward to helping you dive into the exciting world of art! 
“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”-Eileen Miller


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