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Welcome to the Therapeutic Space at Circle Studios

At Circle Studios we believe in creativity of all kinds. We believe when two people who connect authentically in a counseling or coaching role come together in a session, magic happens.

We encourage making creative expression part of your healing journey and offer a variety of supportive professionals in a confidential environment to create a plan tailored to your needs!


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psychotherapy Fascial stretch therapy
Allen Tedjo Psychotherapist

Allen Tedjo
Psychotherapist & Fascial Stretch Therapist

Allen is a Registered Psychotherapist, Fascial Stretch therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. This combination of skills and experience allows him to approach each individual from a comprehensive, biopsychosocial approach. This means that when you receive therapy, we will look at the entire life of an individual.

From the biological perspective – we treat pain through pain management, track and improve nutrition, increase accountability for exercise, improve sleep habits. From the psychological perspective – the goal is to educate and learn about responding to your emotions in a healthy way, learn to manage stress, and stop negative thoughts from dominating your inner dialogue. In the social realm, we work on creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, improve conflict resolution, and more.

Allen will take the time to get to know you and your history to assist your journey to a deeper understanding of yourself and guide you through your self-development. You will work together to develop a therapeutic relationship where the goals and needs are discovered and achieved together.

Allen works with many different issues in life with many different techniques all blending together. His passion is for working on managing anxiety, depression, trauma, and couples. He uses a combination of methods such as mindfulness-CBT, exposure therapy, behavioural activation, and emotional regulation.




Uses psychological methods to enable people to understand their thoughts and feelings, where those things come from, and through a therapeutic relationship, decide what to do about them. This can equip clients to cope with varying situations in a more adaptive way. Individuals who are willing to put in the effort it takes for a desired outcome often have positive results. Psychotherapy can provide help with a range of problems, from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem to couples counselling and family disputes. Anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their problems and unable to cope may be able to benefit from psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is covered by many different extended health benefits. Ask about your coverage.

Cost: 1 hour | $120

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™) is a complete, full-body functional mobility restoration system created by Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick, PT. Medical and other professionals use FST as a neuromyofascial manual and movement therapy. Personal trainers, movement instructors and others use FST for assisted mobilization, stretching and corrective movement training. All use FST for optimal performance in sports and life, as well as to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself and recover.

Most of the assisted stretching and mobility work of FST is done on a thickly padded table with the client fully clothed, supported by stabilization straps. It’s a unique system that can be done easily and efficiently, in the privacy of an individual therapy room, or the open, public space of a group fitness facility.

The Stretch to Win Institute allows Allen to offer clients a revolutionary path to pain management, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, athletic performance, movement re-education, and wellness.

Cost: 1 hour | $90

Allen is available on Wednesdays

Should you have questions, or would like to book another day please email me at

To book an appointment:

Please call or text (905) 929 – 8925 or visit

Payments can be made using the Janeapp from Allen’s website. All forms of payments are accepted.


art therapy


My approach is trauma-informed, mindfulness-based, and always focused on you, the client. I work with those who have anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, social anxiety, sensory disorders, and workplace and academic stress. I offer affirmative support for those within the LGBTQ2+ community and their families, and for anyone who is looking to expand their creativity.

Talking about our problems can be tough. You may find that when making art, your words flow more easily, and you are able to speak more authentically about what you’re going through. I look forward to connecting to see how art therapy may work for you!



We are all inherently creative beings, yet in our busy lives, we rarely give ourselves the time to honour this part of ourselves. Art therapy gives us the space to awaken the power of creativity that is already inside of us. When we make art, we are able to truly see ourselves, which leads to transformation and healing. This is the magic of art therapy. You don’t need to be an artist, you need only be yourself! Art therapy is wonderful for adults, teens, and children alike.

To book an appointment, or a free 15-minute consultation, please email me at, or call or text at 514-434-8245. Consultations can be done over phone, email, or in person.

Appointment types:

Free 15 minute Art Therapy Consultation

Cost: $80 per session

Individual Adult Art Therapy – 60 minutes
In art therapy, you will be invited to share about what is going on for you through a combination of both talking and art making. You may choose to use the art however you wish, and I am here for you as a guide and witness to your journey.

Individual Teen Art Therapy – 60 minutes
Sometimes it can be hard to talk to others about what is going on for you. In art therapy, you can talk as much or as little as you like. You may find it is a great way to express your inner emotions, and I will be there to support you along the way.

Individual Child Art Therapy – 60 minutes
Sometimes it can be hard for your child to talk about what is going on for them. In art therapy, they can talk as much or as little as they like. They may find it is a great way to express their inner emotions, and I will be there to support them along the way.

Contact Info:
514-434-8245 (text preferred)


cognitive behaviour therapy

Aven Lugh Armstrong-Sutton
M.S.W, Ph.D.c, R.S.W.

I am currently a counsellor in the Student Wellness Centre and a Ph.D. student in Social Work at McMaster University. I completed my Bachelor and Master of Social Work at York University in 2011. Much of my academic work has centred on LGBTTI2Q+ communities, resilience, shamanic approaches to practice, and transpersonal psychology.



Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to supporting people and communities to heal from the trauma and emotional injury that stems from their experiences of interpersonal violence (e.g. bullying, ridicule, discrimination, abuse, etc.) Journeying alongside people as they explore, unpack, and making meaning of these experiences has been a deep honour for personally, professionally, and spiritually.

I have extensive experience counselling people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and or trauma-related concerns. I am trained in various therapeutic approaches such as:

Integrated & Experiential Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (IX-CBT)

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT)

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)


Narrative Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy

As a Reiki Master, Aven also offers Reiki healing as an adjunct to psychotherapy for those of whom benefit from energy work as a part of their healing journey.

Aven’s fee for psychotherapy and energy healing is 120 per hour. However, he does have a sliding scale for those who demonstrate financial need. Please speak with him directly to find more about a reduced rate. 

Please visit: to learn more!


Call: (905) 657-9210 x101

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