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Welcome to Circle Studios!

Welcome to Circle Studios!

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studio space!

Enjoy Filtered Water!

Hot Yoga Room

Hot Yoga Room

Hot Yoga Room

Hot Yoga Room

Men's Changeroom

...with Showers!

Regular Temperature Yoga Studio

Aerial Yoga!

Ladies Changerooms

Counselling Office

Massage Room

Creative Studio Space

We are located downtown Hamilton on the main floor of 12 Ferguson Ave. North, between King Street East and King William Street. Our studio space is home to a large yoga studio with 2 yoga rooms for hot and non-heated yoga and provides spacious change rooms with showers + full amenities for your convenience!

At nearly 4,000SF, this space is so much more than a yoga studio alone!

Circle Studios is a Wellness Center complete with a Community Art Studio + Art Therapy Office run by certified Art Therapists and a Treatment Room offering a variety of massage styles and energetic therapies by a talented group of professionals.

Visit Circle Studios to bring a variety of health and wellness practices into your life!

Set your inner evolutionary spiral into upward motion and be your best self!

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Circle studios is a creative wellness initiative offering quality services for your

mind, body, and soul.


Together, in our Yoga studios, Art studios, and Treatment studio we cultivate balance and positive energy that flows out into the rest of your life, encouraging you to live fully.

Our goal at Circle Studios is to create a space that welcomes all people to explore their limitless potential. The community at Circle Studios is a place to discover wellness for the whole self. Circle studios encourages you to tap into your own powerful life force through movement, creativity, and self care. The colourful circle, flower of life and spiral in our logo are there consciously to emphasize the seasons of change and evolving journey we are all travelling.

This journey is so much richer when shared together.

Circle Studios offers an opportunity to connect with self, friends, family, caring professionals and community. There are opportunities at Circle Studios to donate and give back to the community because we believe everyone deserves wellness. Circle Studios invites all of us to reflect, realign, and direct our intentions towards our upward spirals of growth!